Billing FAQs

Q1: Why do doctors at this Practice charge a fee for medical services and not bulk bill every service delivered to patients?

The Medicare rebate (the fee received by your doctor if he/she bulk bills a service) does not reflect the true cost of maintaining a modern medical practice and the cost of maintaining individual registration, medical indemnity cover and skills. By charging a reasonable fee for the majority of medical services, your doctor is able to spend more time discussing your medical problems with you, especially if these problems are complex or multifaceted. Because our doctors charge a fee, they are not under pressure to see a large number of patients each hour and are therefore able to give patients as much time as is necessary. We believe this improves the quality of the service provided to patients with both simple and complex issues. It also allows time for your doctor to discuss preventative health issues with you at greater length, with fantastic benefits for your long-term health.

Q2: How much am I likely to be out of pocket?

We try to keep our fees as low as possible. In general, our fees are 65-70% of the corresponding AMA recommended fees. We believe this represents excellent value for our patients. A proportion of the fee is refunded through the Medicare rebate, which can be processed either immediately for your through Tyro at your appointment or sent to Online claiming which will take around 24 hours. Reception will explain these processes to you at the time of your appointment.

Q3: Are there any situations where I may be bulk billed?

Yes, certainly.  Situations in which patients MAY be charged a discounted fee or bulk billed include:

  • Frail, elderly patients.
  • Acutely ill patients, especially children.
  • Multiple reviews in quick succession for the same problem 
  • Quick visits (i.e. medical certificates, repeat scripts, injections)
  • Dressings, removal of sutures
  • Bona fide financial hardship.
  • All medical services for DVA cardholders are billed directly to Veteran’s Affairs, with no out-of-pocket expenses to the veteran.

Q4. How am I billed for surgical procedures?

Surgical procedures such as skin lesion excisions require more time and extra skills. There are extra costs to the practice such as local anaesthetic, suture material and dressings that need to be taken into account.  For biopsies, malignant and non malignant excisions you will be charged a private fee. If you are 75 years and over, DVA or 15 and under you will be bulk billed for your skin excision. The fee is dependent on the size and location of the lesion.  This is payable when you return to the clinic for your removal of sutures and can be claimed back on medicare with an “out of pocket fee” of between $30-$50 only.

Q5. How does the Practice’s billing policy benefit my health?

By charging a fee for the majority of medical services, your doctor is able to slow down and spend more time with each patient. As a direct result of our billing policy, our doctors are able to devote as much time as is necessary to deal with a wide variety of problems. It also allows time for your doctor to discuss relevant preventative health measures with you, and this has many proven benefits for your long-term health and well-being. Of course, if you feel that your problem requires more time than a standard consultation, you can request a longer appointment with reception staff when you make a booking. In addition to this, our doctors are able to leave some appointment spots unbooked to allow same day and ‘walk in’ emergency appointments. This allows patients who are very ill, distressed or in pain to be seen in a timely manner. The practice’s billing policy makes this kind of flexibility more achievable.

We trust that this information has helped you to understand our billing policy and answered any questions you might have. If you have any other questions, please ask our reception staff.

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