The procedure of removing a piece of vas deferens and hence interrupting the flow of sperm from the testicle to the prostrate is called a vasectomy. The body will still make sperm but this remains in the testicle where it is broken down and absorbed in much the same way a bruise is absorbed. Semen is still produced when ejaculating and sex drive and the feeling will be the same after vasectomy but there will be no sperm once they are cleared (later).

This procedure has been well studied for the past 40 years and is safer, cheaper and more effective than other forms of female sterilisation. You should consider it to be permanent and have the consent from your wife or de facto partner before proceeding.

Here are the answers to some other frequently asked questions when it comes to vasectomies:

Q. Can I have a vasectomy if I am single?  

If a patient is determined that this is the procedure they want, then it can be done. If the patient is young and childless, the patient would be asked to discuss their decision with another doctor and possibly a psychiatrist. If the patient is mature aged and wishes to have a vasectomy then that is fine.

Q. Will the procedure hurt and how long will it take? 

Pain is minimised by the use of numbing skin cream so you dont feel the needle or it is like a hair being pulled, a local anaesthetic is also used in the deep layers of tissue to numb deep nerves. So pressure is felt but not pain. The day surgery procedure is about 15-20 mins operation time with 10 mins wait for the anaesthetic to work.

Q. Will I be able to work/do things afterwards and if not, how long will I be laid up? 

It is best that you rest for 48 hrs. Avoid walking or standing for too long in that time and even picking up the little ones.  We would tell you to avoid heavy lifting or sport for one week.

Q. Will I still be able to ejaculate after vasectomy? 

The semen fluid is made from the prostate with only 1% coming from the testicles. So this is not affected.

Q. Will I still make sperm after my vasectomy?

The testicle still makes sperm for the rest of your life.

Q. After my vasectomy where does the sperm go? 

They die and get reabsorbed- like a bruise can get reabsorbed

Q. How long will it take after my vasectomy before I can assume that I am sterile? 

It takes 10-12 weeks to clear sperm, along with 20 -25 ejaculations. A test is done at this time. 20% of men may take 1-2 extra tests to clear as these men sometimes have small amounts of dead sperm and theoretically we like to see none in a specimen.

We recommend that if you are considering getting a vasectomy you come and speak with a doctor to gather more information about the preparation, procedure, after care, side effects, success rate and future fertility. You can do so by requesting an appointment below.

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